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Unauthorized Change Reporter

A dashboard that automatically tracks unauthorized changes, as well as other changes within environments.
  • Enhance your change management process
  • Empower change requestors, approvers, and managers with clarity
  • Have an efficient change approval process (CAB)
  • Reduce Risk & Cost of unplanned changes
  • Changes finally have a positive impact instead of negative
  • Prevent downtime from unauthorized changes
  • Reduce Risk & Cost of scheduled changes
  • Dramatically increase change management efficiency and accuracy
Q: What does it take to set this up?
A: A few days. We provide an update set, configure it, and perform a knowledge transfer.

Q: Which ServiceNow applications does this require?
A: Only Change Management.

Q: Who benefits from this solution?
The entire IT department will benefit from this ServiceNow-based solution.

Q: Who performs the work?
One of our certified ServiceNow experts.

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