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CMDB Assessment

Most organization's CMDB's are immature and not utilizing their full potential. ConfigureTek’s CMDB Assessment will supercharge your CMDB and ensure that every benefit and tweak is covered.
  • Alignment of CMDB operations to operational goals and business use cases
  • Solution architecture and integrations
  • Data model, configurations and customizations
  • Errors, inconsistencies and/or inefficiencies
  • Planned roadmap for CMDB maturity
  • Document outlining CMDB findings from the assessment
  • Presentation of CMDB findings from the assessment
  • Evaluate build of models, asset records and links to configuration items within the CMDB
  • Review the usage of CMDB data across ServiceNow modules
  • Review existing Asset Management processes
  • Review internal CMDB data identification and reconciliation processes
  • Provide recommendations on CMDB design and data model
  • Provide recommendations on managing data flow into and within the CMDB
Q: How long does the assessment take?
A: Just 1-10 weeks.

Q: Who benefits from this solution?
The entire IT department will benefit from this ServiceNow-based solution.

Q: Who performs the work?
One of our certified ServiceNow experts.

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