Optimizing Change Management [Webinar]

Change Management: Friend or Foe? On November 29th at 12 pm EST, the ConfigureTek team presented a webinar on transforming your Change Management from chaotic to PROACTIVE! What was presented? Ways to identify and handle unauthorized or unplanned changes within your environment Tools and resources to evolve your change process Change Management strategies to transform and improve process [...]

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Accelerate Your DCT Without Sacrifices

[emaillocker]           [/emaillocker] Learn to better support your IT operations and business simultaneously, focusing on: A thorough understanding of your data center environment Determining critical dependencies Easily tracking data center changes

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A Technical Dive into Service Mapping Factory

[emaillocker] [/emaillocker] Service Mapping Factory Technical Dive Video Take a technical dive into ConfigureTek's Service Mapping Factory. Learn why you need more than out-of-the-box Service Mapping, and how you can have root cause analysis at your fingertips to not only remediate instantaneously, but even prevent some outages from occurring altogether. [...]

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Discover your IT infrastructure

September 10, 2015 – ConfigureTek successfully presented the “Rapid Infrastructure Discovery as-a-Service” webinar. ConfigureTek’s experts showcased an efficient solution that provides organizations with accurate and detailed visibility into hardware, software and virtual inventory within a matter of hours. As demonstrated by out-of-the-box reporting and discovery results, organizations using the Rapid Infrastructure Discovery service are able [...]

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