Take Control and Be the ITAM Boss

Imagine if employees can’t effectively identify IT problems. Woah! That’s quite a loaded statement and definitely not an effective way to manage Information Technology within an organization. Companies that value great ideas, who share and execute them amongst the business prove most resourceful and proactive. Let’s take a more granular focus of this strategy now [...]

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Closing the Gaps through Automated Discovery

Closing the gaps and putting reliable data at your fingertips are essential for any organization to have successful IT Service and Operations Management. Let’s face it, IT Managers don’t have the tools they need to do their job as effectively as possible. They’re usually armed with inaccurate data from the CMDB: definitely something we hear [...]

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Don’t get left behind—ServiceNow upgrades will positively impact your business

With ServiceNow’s new release, Jakarta, right around the corner, we’re sharing some insight  into a facet of Istanbul for all the customers who are still on Geneva or Helsinki instances. Istanbul includes a number of new features in the IT Operations Management space and we want to make sure you understand the positive impact upgrading [...]

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Service Mapping 101 – Back to Basics

Service maps enable IT organizations to identify dependencies between SLAs, OLAs, technologies, customers, and the impact to the service delivery. Knowing who delivers a service and who consumes it are critical. Proper implementation and maintenance of this process will ensure the availability of reliable data. When most organizations take on a sizable project mapping out [...]

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Best Practices for migration from HP DDMi to UDi

Smooth migration from DDMi to UDi  in a large government organization Customer: Large Government Organization in North America Industry: Public Government Size: 10,001+ employees Task: Upgrade DDMi to UDi Project Overview ConfigureTek recently guided a large municipal client in upgrading their discovery tools for hardware and software. The project’s focus was to update 30,000 HP [...]

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High visibility for change management

Customer: A diversified banking company Industry: Banking/Finance Size: 10,001+ employees Task: Implementation and configuration of Release Control in multiple environments Duration of the project: 10 weeks Project Overview ConfigureTek has helped the service management team of a large banking company with implementation and configuration of release control in a heterogeneous environment. The customer had a [...]

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Automatic Discovery and CMDB Project

Customer: the world’s sixth-largest pharmaceutical company Industry: pharmaceutical Size: 10,001+ employees Task: discover up to 15,000 servers globally and map 100 applications Duration of the project: 6 months Project Overview Recently, ConfigureTek worked with the IT Software Support team of a large pharmaceutical company. ConfigureTek was tasked with the challenge of creating true heterogeneous visibility [...]

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Custom Adapter Development for ServiceNow CMDB and HP OMi

Customer: a leading diversified international family entertainment and media enterprise Industry: entertainment Size: 10,001+ employees Task: CMDB custom adapter development Duration of the project: 8 weeks Project Overview Recently, the ConfigureTek team worked with the Enterprise Systems Management of a leading international family entertainment company. The project included two stages. During the first part ConfigureTek’s [...]

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Guidelines for Upgrading HPE DDMi to HPE Universal Discovery

March 15, 2016 – ConfigureTek successfully delivered the webinar “Guidelines for Upgrading HPE DDMi to HPE Universal Discovery”. The webinar was focused on helping organizations using DDMi understand how to transition to HPE Universal Discovery, the latest in inventory discovery and dependency mapping technology. With HPE DDMi nearing end-of-support life in the coming months, this [...]

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